University of California 2010 Accountability Report

Indicator 34
Ten-Year Ph.D. Completion Rates, Students Entering in Fall 1992 to 1994

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Completion of a Ph.D. requires intensive study and original research that makes a significant contribution to knowledge. In the lab sciences, this typically includes publication of research papers in scientific journals. In other fields, it generally requires completion of a book-length dissertation.

Overall, 57 percent of students who began doctoral studies at UC between fall 1992 and fall 1994 had completed their Ph.D.s 10 years later.

Over half of entering doctoral students who left their programs without completing the Ph.D. did complete a master's degree. Put another way, more than three-quarters of all students who began doctoral study at UC completed at least one graduate degree (master's or doctoral).

Although data for all AAU institutions are not available, data from the Council of Graduate School's Ph.D. Completion Project suggest doctoral completion rates at UC are similar to those at similar institutions.

Comparative data on completion rates for doctoral students will be available from the 2010 National Research Council's Assessment of Doctorate Programs (forthcoming).

Source: UC Corporate Student System.

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