University of California 2010 Accountability Report

Indicator 47
Total Compensation for Ranked Faculty, 2009

Data visualization. please download the source data for accessible information.

Total compensation includes base salary, health and welfare benefits and post-employment benefits (pension and retiree health).

Data from the 2009 Mercer-Hewitt Study indicate that average faculty salaries at UC were about 10 percent below the market. However, the total compensation package was closer to market, primarily because UC's benefits currently are ahead of market.

The University's long-range plan is to rebalance the components of the total compensation package and bring salaries closer to market-competitive levels so that the total compensation package remains competitive.

Source: 2009 Update of Total Remuneration Study for Campus & UCOP and Medical Centers (the Mercer-Hewitt Study Update): Data for ladder-rank faculty excludes health sciences faculty and law school faculty. In addition, other faculty titles considered ladder and equivalent rank are excluded; some examples are astronomers, agronomists and supervisors of physical education. The study covered 78 percent of all ladder-rank faculty.

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