University of California 2010 Accountability Report

Indicator 51
Total Compensation for Staff by Personnel Program, 2009

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In support of the University's goal of achieving market-competitive pay and benefits for all employee groups and attracting and retaining excellent faculty and staff, UC periodically evaluates how total compensation for various UC employee groups compares against competitor institutions.

Total compensation includes base salary, health and welfare benefits and post-employment benefits (pension and retiree health).

As with previous studies, the 2009 assessment found that, overall, cash compensation for many employee groups is below market, significantly so in many cases, but that UC's benefits currently are ahead of market.

Market positions have eroded, and are expected to worsen, due to lack of salary increases, rising employee medical benefit premiums, employee contributions to the UC retirement system, and a systemwide furlough program which reduced faculty and staff pay for the 2009-10 fiscal year.

Source: 2009 Update of Total Remuneration Study for UCOP, campuses, and medical centers.

Includes campuses and UCOP; does not include medical centers or the Lawrence Berkeley National Lab. Figures do not include salary reductions arising from a systemwide furlough.

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