University of California 2010 Accountability Report

Indicator 52
University Community by Race/Ethnicity, Fall 2008

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The University community is composed of students, faculty, academics and staff, and there are multiple subgroups within each category.

As this graph shows, the greatest amount of racial and ethnic diversity is found among undergraduate students, followed by professional and support staff. The least amount of diversity is found among ladder-rank faculty-that is, tenured faculty with career or permanent professorial appointments and "tenure-track" faculty (individuals who will be considered for tenured or career professorial positions).

UC often describes its diversity aspirations in terms of "reflecting the diversity of California." The state of California is more diverse than the nation as a whole.

The University's demographics have not kept pace with California's growing Chicano/Latino population. In 2008-09, the University community was 14 percent Chicano/Latino compared to 34 percent for California as a whole and 14 percent for the nation. African Americans represented 5 percent of the University community compared to 7 percent for California as a whole and 13 percent for the nation.

All UC campuses are committed to diversity, inclusivity and respect for differences among people. These values are stated in their Principles of Community.

Source: UCOP Corporate Student System and Corporate Personnel System.

The "other academics" group includes only non-student employees and is comprised of many titles (e.g., librarians and professional researchers). Because of their small numbers, senior managers (SMG) and managers and senior professionals (MSP) are grouped into a single Staff-Management category.

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