University of California 2010 Accountability Report

Goals The University of California seeks to develop stable and growing sources of revenues-including a strong investment from the state-and to utilize these resources in a strategic and cost-effective manner in order to sustain its tripartite mission of teaching, research and public service and to realize the goals of access, affordability and academic quality that are set out in this report.

Narrative This section documents UC's total operating revenues and expenditures and its capital budget over the past five to 10 years. The revenue and expenditure data presented here come primarily from the University's Corporate Financial Reporting System, which supports the University's audited financial statements. Additional information about the University's budget, including the 2010-11 Budget for Current Operations, the 2009-10 Budget for State Capital Improvements, and the 2009-15 State and Non-State Capital Improvement Program, may be found at

This section also includes information on retirement plan assets and liabilities, as well as on total gifts and endowment. The development data cover trends in private support at UC and its comparison institutions, donor restrictions on support, and endowment per student. More information about private support is available in the Annual Report on Endowment Investment (pdf) and in the January 2010 Accountability Sub-Report on University Private Support. Lastly, the section includes data on greenhouse gas emissions as one example, among many that could have been chosen, of UC's commitment to environmental stewardship.

Looking Forward The long-term downward trend in state funding, coupled with the unfunded liabilities in the University's pension and retiree health benefits programs, challenge the University at every level as it tries to meet its budgetary and financial objectives. In response the University has sought to realize operating efficiencies systemwide and on the campuses and to increase revenues from a range of different funding sources. With the creation of a major task force, the UC Commission on the Future, it also is exploring new ways to deliver its academic and research programs in a challenging budget climate. In the years to come, this section will at once act as a useful summary of the financial challenges that the University faces and its performance in addressing them. Other sections in this report promise to measure the impacts the University's budgetary performance has on its core mission activities of teaching, research and service and on its ability to continue balancing historic objectives of academic quality, access and affordability.