University of California 2010 Accountability Report

Goals The University of California plays a critically important role in training health professionals, delivering essential health care services and undertaking scientific research in the health and related sciences. UC's research discoveries help prevent and cure diseases, create new technologies for diagnosing and treating illnesses, and develop strategies for staying healthy. In addition, UC operates the largest health sciences instructional program in the nation, enrolling more than 14,000 students and encompassing 16 schools at seven campuses. Between UC's health science training programs, direct patient care activities, health research and contracts and grants, about half of the University's operations are health-related.

The ultimate goal of all UC health sciences and services programs is to train skilled, knowledgeable and compassionate health care professionals who deliver outstanding services, to conduct research that improves health care and advances life-saving technologies and to provide high-quality care to the people of California.

Narrative UC's vast Health Sciences and Services (HSS) area cuts across multiple domains-teaching, research and service. This section presents measures that focus on the public service role of UC's health service enterprise, showing how much care the UC hospitals and clinics provide to patients, many of whom are without health insurance. Additional metrics about medical and health science education are in the graduate professional degree student section; health sciences faculty in the faculty section; health science research and funding metrics in the research and budget sections; and metrics about the quality of UC's health sciences programs are in the rankings section.

Looking Forward The January 2010 Health Sciences and Services Accountability Report provides a fuller description of the broad sweep of the University's activities in health sciences and services. Medical center financial reports are also available. Additional information about UC's Health Sciences and Services programs at the Office of the President is at