University of California 2011 Accountability Report

Indicator 12.4.4
Support from specific groups per alumni of record, Universitywide and comparison institutions, 2001-02 to 2009-10

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In general, when compared to the other AAU institutions, a lower proportion of UC alumni contribute to their alma mater and contribute less on average than at the other AAU publics.

In the last decade, alumni participation has been declining at institutions across the country, both public and private. College graduates (at UC and elsewhere) are giving back to other charitable organizations other than their alma mater - often due to the belief that higher education institutions are wealthy and may not need their support. UC and other institutions are engaged in efforts to combat this trend.

Alumni: While UC has a significant number of very generous alumni, historically, the importance of private support has not been emphasized with current students. As a result, alumni giving has stayed at a low level.

Foundations: UC's preeminence in numerous academic areas results in considerable support from private foundations, especially in the areas of medical and scientific research.

Other sources: UC does better on a per-alumni basis from other sources than the other AAU publics. These are donors such as corporations, non-profit organizations, faculty, staff, parents and current students.

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