University of California 2011 Accountability Report

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Percentage of full-time equivalent enrollment paying nonresident tuition, Universitywide, 2002-03 to 2009-10

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UC has a substantially lower proportion of out-of-state undergraduates than other AAU universities. In fall 2010, nearly 6 percent of UC undergraduates were out-of-state, compared to 27 percent and 75 percent for AAU publics and AAU privates respectively.

Nonresidents provide geographic diversity to the student body. They also pay the full cost of their education. In 2010-11, average tuition and fees for a UC nonresident undergraduate was $34,164, compared to $11,285 for resident students.

Nonresident applicants must meet higher criteria to be considered for admission. The minimum high school GPA for nonresident freshmen is 3.4, compared to 3.0 for California freshmen. The minimum college GPA for nonresident transfer students is 2.8, compared to 2.4 for California residents.

UC's priority is to enroll eligible California residents for whom the state has provided funding. Campuses enroll nonresident students based on excess physical and instructional capacity and the campus's ability to attract qualified nonresident students.

Not all nonresident students pay nonresident tuition. Some have statutory exemptions, such as AB540 students1, children of UC employees and others designated by the state. The proportion/percentage of students paying nonresident tuition is in the chart below.

* Hidden to protect privacy - combined with next cell below. Provided by UC Institutional Research Unit. Source: UC Corporate Student System. Note: Exemptions include AB540 and three other NRT exemptions including one for children of UC Senate Faculty

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