University of California 2011 Accountability Report

Indicator 5.1.1
Graduate and professional enrollment compared to undergraduate enrollment, UC and comparison institutions, Fall 2002 to 2009

Data visualization. please download the source data for accessible information.

The proportion of graduate academic and professional degree students at UC is slightly lower than that at other AAU public universities and substantially lower than that at AAU private universities.

One reason for the enrollment differences is that graduate enrollment growth at UC has not kept pace with undergraduate enrollment, which has grown dramatically with the state's burgeoning population (see Indicator 1.1). As a result, the proportion of graduate and professional students at UC fell from a high of 33 percent in 1963 to a low of 21 percent in 2000. It has remained in the 21-22 percent range since.

Enrollment data from other AAU institutions do not distinguish graduate academic and professional degree students.

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