University of California 2011 Accountability Report

The University of California was founded in 1868. With 10 faculty members, it enrolled its first class of 38 undergraduates the following year. From these beginnings, UC has evolved into a university with 10 campuses, five medical centers and numerous other facilities. Its budget is more than $20 billion annually, and the University has about 234,000 students, 33,000 faculty and academic employees, 98,000 staff, and nearly 1.6 million alumni.1

Through a few key quantitative measures, this chapter presents an overview of the size and shape of the University. It demonstrates the challenges that confront the University today: enormous growth in enrollment, steady declines in state support, reductions in the average expenditures for education and increases in student tuition and fee levels.

The indicators in this chapter also show the continuing vibrancy of the University as a wide and diverse community of students, faculty, staff and alumni. They show the complex array of revenues that the University relies upon to maintain its diverse enterprise. Together, they paint a picture of a strong institution, but now at significant risk. They also set the backdrop against which subsequent sections are framed.

1 Counts above are unduplicated: 5,400 medical residents included with students, 25,000 student staff employees excluded from staff and 28,000 student academic employees excluded from academic employees. In total, UC has about 174,000 employees when faculty, staff and student employees are included.