University of California 2011 Accountability Report

The University of California seeks to develop stable and growing sources of revenues — including a strong investment from the state — and to utilize these resources in a strategic and cost-effective manner to sustain its tripartite mission of teaching, research and public service, and to realize the goals of access, affordability and academic quality that are set out in this report.

This chapter provides a brief overview of UC's budgets for operations and capital resources and of its development efforts. Indicators for the operating and capital budgets show revenues by source and expenditure by function. These data focus on UC specifically and are not readily comparable with other peer institutions. Development data cover trends in private support at UC and comparison institutions, donor restrictions on support, and endowment per student.

Looking forward
The long-term downward trend in state funding challenges the University's ability to meet its budgetary and financial objectives. In response, the University has sought to increase revenues from various sources and to reduce its expenditures by introducing operating efficiencies. In the years to come, this section will act as a useful summary of the financial challenges that the University faces and its performance in addressing them. Other sections in this report promise to measure the impacts the University's budgetary performance has on its core mission activities of teaching, research and service, and on its ability to continue balancing its objectives of academic quality, access and affordability.

For more information
For more information on UC's budget, refer to More information about private support is available in the Annual Reports on University Private Support.