University of California 2012 Accountability Report

Indicator 1.1
Undergraduate and graduate student enrollment with campus opening date, Universitywide, Fall 1868 to 2011

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Student enrollment at the University has quadrupled in the past 50 years.

Enrollment growth, especially in the number of undergraduates, has been driven both by dramatic growth in the number of high school graduates and by UC's commitment to maintaining access for all eligible students. The Master Plan guarantees a place at UC for the top 12.5 percent of the graduating high school class in California and to all eligible community college transfers.

As a consequence of growth in undergraduate enrollments, the number of undergraduates has outstripped graduate and professional degree students. In 1961, UC enrolled 68 percent undergraduates compared to 32 percent graduate and professional degree students. In 2011, the University enrolled about 78 percent undergraduates compared to 22 percent graduate and professional degree students.

This change in the ratio of undergraduate to graduate students is one of the largest structural changes in the University over the past 50 years.

Source: UC Statistical Summary of Students and Staff 1

Figures represent all enrollment, including health sciences. Due to limitations in data, all health sciences, including undergraduate, are included in the health science category.

1Does not include medical residents.

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