University of California 2012 Accountability Report

Indicator 2.2
Freshman applicants, admits and enrollees, UC campuses, Fall 1994 to 2011

Data visualization. please download the source data for accessible information.

Every UC campus has experienced tremendous growth in applications and admissions since 1994. Trends in campus enrolls have been more stable over time.

Campuses have seen considerable growth in the number of freshman applications they receive, as demonstrated by the steep dark blue lines in the graphs above. One factor contributing to this growth is the increase in the number of UC campuses chosen by each applicant; this has grown from about 2.8 campuses per applicant in 1994 to about 3.6 campuses per applicant in 2011.

Source: UC Corporate Student System1

1Applicants here exclude the "referral pool", which comprises eligible applicants who are not offered admission at the campus they applied to, but who are admitted to another campus where there is sufficient capacity. Some campuses admit fall applicants for a subsequent term (winter or spring). These "rollover" admits and enrollees are excluded in the graphs here. See the appendix for details.

2Regular students on a campus application, admit or enroll count are all admits except 2 groups: those that ONLY get admitted as a referral to all the campuses at which they are admitted, AND those that enrolled at a campus at which they received a referral admit (even if they have other regular admits). Regular students on the universitywide count are students for whom all admittance offers were regular offers, not referral offers.

3The campus referral count includes students that ONLY received referral admits at the campuses to which they were admitted OR students that enrolled at a campus that admitted them as a referral. Referral students on the universitywide count are those that only received referral admits to all of the campuses at which they were admitted.

4Students in the "Combination of Referral & Regular Admits" universitywide count include those that received admits both regularly and as a referral.

You may view or download a table of the raw data used to generate these charts in CSV files, which can be opened in spreadsheet programs such as Microsoft Excel or OpenOffice.