Accountability Report 2018


Page 25: Fall 2016 in indicator title should be fall 2017

Page 33: Correction to text: "UC provides significant support to students by redirecting one-third of tuition to the University Student Aid Program, making it possible..."

Page 38: First footnote belongs to the previous page

Page 42: Correction to footnote: "Figures are adjusted for inflation in 2016 dollars using CA CPI-W. Borrowing shown here represents loans coordinated through the campus financial aid offices; some families also borrow from outside sources, which are not captured in this indicator. Independent students and students with unknown parent incomes are not shown. Data only include graduates who originally entered as freshmen."

Page 44: The final column is a duplicate of the previous one

Page 100: The links for system leaders and chancellors documents are switched

Page 179: Indicator title should include "fall 2017"